Espresso coffee & tea Catering Services

all services are priced by guest count and time frame


Espresso Bar with Barista

Please contact us for your specific quote.

 The organic espresso bar includes the following:
two hour open espresso bar- with menus
setup/breakdown of espresso machines and all equipment
Fresh roasted organic coffee beans for all espresso drinks (decaf also)
Espresso menu with 9 varieties of espresso drinks
Non Espresso menu with Loose leaf teas, Chai lattes, Steamers, Hot chocolates
Organic milks, dairy and non dairy selections
Flavored cane syrups & Dark chocolate sauce for mochas and hot chocolates
Organic sugars and artificial sweeteners
Compostable 8oz cups, and 2oz cups. Lids available upon request
Napkins, condiments, compostable stirrers
Custom menu to match your theme or event.
Table and linen setup, bottled and filtered water for espresso drinks. 
A barista to attend the stand
All we require from your venue is access to a standard electrical outlet***  

Organic Coffee Drop Off & Pick Up 

Please contact us for your specific quote.

Organic coffee brewed and served in steel thermal Aervoid containers
Brewed organic decaf
Organic tea selection (herbal and caffeinated) and hot water
Slection of organic dairy and non-dairy milks.
Sugars, honey, and artificial sweeteners
8 oz compostable cups, lids, stirrers
Drop-off, setup, clean-up and pick-up after event.  



Fresh made gelato from a Paterson New Jersey staple, Gelotti's, (vanilla is standard) scooped into compostable bowls to order, and topped with a freshly pulled, steamy espresso shot. 

We customize ingredients

We provide Vegan espresso, coffee, and tea services and will accommodate allergies. 


Hand-blended sugar syrups with soda water, poured over ice, and stirred to order. Cremosas include a touch of cream!

Iced beverage options

includes all menu items iced, custom menus, as well as the addition of organic cold brewed concentrate for strong, delicious cold ones. 

Price subject to Sales Tax

2 hour espresso bar service:

Guest Count     Estimated Pre-Tax Total

  • < 20 $300

  • <40 $375

  • <60 $450

  • <80 $500

  • <100 $550

  • ...<240 in a two hour time frame

  • NYC peak driver hours includes $50 surcharge